The History and Development of Project: Nariah.

Hey and welcome!

I want to thank you so much for coming by and reading Project: Nariah, it means a lot to me.

The idea for a supernatural/paranormal town has been floating around in my head for a long time, except I have never been able to work it into a workable idea. Mostly that has got to do with being unable to find characters that would work well withing Nariah and the idea and partly because I could never get the right format. As a result Nariah stayed an idea that kept floating around my mind until I could come up with a way to use it in the future.

So for a few years Nariah stayed hidden away in the recesses of my mind until I started to listen to a Podcast called Welcome to Night Vale on YouTube (which is really awesome, I totally recommend it) and was inspired to drag the idea out again and maybe make something with it. But after a while I realised that trying to create a book from the idea wasn’t going to work. Making it into a Podcast also wasn’t because I had no idea how to do that and I didn’t want to infringe on something that was already being done and being done brilliantly.

Then in mid June 2015, I stumbled upon a blog called Minne Apple Girl, which was completely fictional. I liked it but to me it didn’t really feel like a blog. A blog is telling a story from your point of view without putting in all the dialogue and such that you would find in a novel, and as much as I like Minne Apple Girl it was more like a novel then an actual blog.

With that in mind I started to think back to Nariah and how I wasn’t able to use the idea in a novel format because it wasn’t working for me that way. But could it work if I wrote it like a personal blog, but instead telling the story of the strange and mysterious things that happen in the town.

Ben, Eric, Grace and Juliette all came to me soon after and slowly but surely everything started to develop to a point where I was ready to start sharing it with everyone.


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