The Shuddering Scrub

The Purring Scrub

We’ve just recently had a new addition appear on the boarder of Nariah, and it’s unfortunately not a Mall.

About a month ago, when we started to have some trouble uploading to the blog, people started to notice that the treeline was starting to get closer. No one thought anything of it, it’s not uncommon for the Nariah Beautification Committee to suddenly start planting things unannounced and for flower beds and trees and various other items that can be used to beautify a community to pop up out of no where. Everyone just believed that this was just another one of their projects that they were doing when they weren’t working on the lake in Centennial Park and left it as that.

Then Yesterday everyone looked out their windows and we noticed that the treeline was no longer just a treeline. It had become a secondary scrub-land on the outskirts of town and no one had noticed it creeping closer. I suppose because we all thought that it was a project by the Nariah Beautification Committee that we put it out of our minds, until it was suddenly there in our faces, like a clown at a birthday party.

Anyway, the council was not happy (to say the least) and got in contact with the president of the Nariah Beautification Committee (Harold Flint) and started to ask all these questions like “What were the Nariah Beautification Committee thinking about putting a new scrub-land to the North East of town?” and “How did you get the funding for something like this” and “Well we’re not going to look after it, it’s your responsibility” and “Where are we going to put the new arcade, movie theater and indoor swimming pool complex?“. The Nariah Beautification Committee however has completely denied any involvement in the sudden appearance of the new scrub, saying that they have been far to busy trying to work out whether or not they want ducks, swans or geese to live on the lake at Centennial Park once it has been completed.

The Council agreed that that was a very hard decision to make and conceded that the Nariah Beautification Committee had nothing to do with the sudden appearance of the new scrub-land to the North East of town.

No other groups have come forward either to claim responsibility for the scrub-land since it’s sudden appearance across the road from the Hospital, and all the local youth group have claimed that they have had nothing to do with it, that it is in no way a prank that has gone horribly wrong, and even if they did do it they wouldn’t tell you!

Ben commented saying that his Dad is going to have to add negotiator to his resume because he was the one that was sent out to the scrub-land to find out more information about it, and we were luck enough to go with him when he did.

You would think that this place would dark and scary but it’s not.It actually reminded me of the illustrations from the Gumnut Babies or Blinky Bill, not at all like the forest from Disney’s version of Snow White. I was actually kind of upset that we didn’t think ahead and bring a picnic with us.

As Ben’s Dad started to roam around and look at the trees and their root systems to see how long ago they had been planted, the rest of us were more interested in seeing if there were any good trees that we could climb, because the scrub on the other side of town has really weak climbing trees and if this scrub didn’t then all the kids in town would be in favour of keeping the scrub around. Regardless of who planted it.

Grace lost her footing at one stage and used one of the trees as a way to balance herself, so she was the first one to notice it. The Trees vibrated when you touched them. It wasn’t the kind of vibrating that you could feel if you touched an old fridge or if your mobile started to ring, It was the kind of vibrating that a cat would make if it was being petted. Actually, that is exactly what it felt like. It felt exactly like the trees were purring.

None of us believed Grace until we all gave it a go and found out that she was right. Ben’s Dad was amazed when we showed him as well and started to mutter about getting a scientist out to have a look at the trees to see if they were stable.

As a result the new scrub-land has been cautioned off, at least until Ben’s Dad or the council comes to a decision about what they are going to do with a purring scrub.

I don’t know whether they know this or not but the four of us discovered that the trees in the scrub were totally better for climbing then the other scrub and we’ve spread the word around town. We’re trying to get a committee together to see if we can save the scrub and not have it sent back to where it came from. We have a few good arguements, but we all agree that our best on is: Who has been hurt by a purring tree before?

– Juliette