Eric Samson

And We’re Back

Hey everyone,

We kind of owe you an apology, we have been really MIA lately and that sucks because we made a deal to update you all on what is happening in Nariah and we haven’t upheld our end of the deal. So we’re really sorry about that.

Between interference with the local WiFi and the Bike Track getting so excited that it literally threw someone off their bike from it’s vibrating, plus the lack of sleep that I have been getting due to Nora, well we’re actually surprised that we have been able to do anything at all.

It’s not like we haven’t been writing either, it’s just that we haven’t been able to upload anything. But we will be able to explain everything over the next couple of weeks while we try to catch you all up.

Nothing really is ever simple here in Nariah, I can definitely attest to that. So why should trying to upload a couple of posts a week to a blog be any different.

Anyway, things are finally getting back on track, we’re getting back to our normal schedule this week, and we’ll be adding a few surprise posts over the next couple of weeks to try and update you all on what has been happening here during our unintended Hiatus.

– Eric (with Ben, Juliette and Grace watching over his shoulder).

Edit: Just so it’s clear, we were only doing this so Eric didn’t blame everything on us! – Grace


Welcome to Nariah: Part II

The funny thing about Nariah is that it seems a lot smaller than what it actually is. The town has a population of about six thousand, but I have never seen everyone turn up to a football game or even carols by candlelight. If they did I think that we would need a bigger park to hold it in – but I suppose that is something for the council to think about, not me, and by me I mean Eric Samson.

Sorry about rambling a little bit, that has just been on my mind for a couple of days while I’ve been trying to think about what I am going to write for my first post. You would think that it would be easy, just explain a little about the town that I have lived in for as long as I can remember, but it’s not that easy when you actually sit down and try to write it.

I tried to talk to Nana about it, but she just looked at me with this strange look on her face, like she was trying to work out why I would think that writing about Nariah was such a good idea. Then she put the biscuit tin down, smiled and said that I would figure it out. I always do.

I know that Juliette has talked about Nana and her B&B in her post but she didn’t give you the full story. Nana has been my legal guardian for most of my life – since Mum and Dad died, or disappeared, not one is really clear on what exactly to declare them even after it’s been more than ten years since they went poof. Poof is the best descriptive word that I can come up with to describe how they just vanished after going out for a hike with a group of friends and never coming back. No one from the group came back. It would have been big news but a person just vanishing like that out in the Back Scrub is normal, at least it is in Nariah.

I’m not too sure about anywhere else. When I told Ben he just looked at me, as if he was trying to work out whether or not I was playing with him. It took three other people from our year to convince him that I wasn’t messing around with him.

I think that is part of the reason why Ben thought this blog was such a good idea, or he just didn’t think we had enough to do, what with homework and all that normal High School stuff; which is what I should be doing, but I’m not.

I’ve lived with Nana in the B&B most of my life since Mum and Dad went poof and it’s a pretty good place to live. Sure we have a few problems, a couple of leaking pipes, squeaky staircase, ghosts that think that it is fun to invade your dreams and make you afraid of the dark. You know, the normal B&B experience.

Recently we’ve been having a couple of complaints about the noise that the ghosts make, or one ghost in particular: Nora.

Nora has been a fixture of the B&B for as long as Nana can remember. Nana says that she used to play hide and seek with Nora, a game that would last days as Nora would hide herself between walls and refuse to move until Nana gave up. She used to play with me as well, but I used to hit the walls once I learnt her trick and it always made her come out of hiding. Something to do with the vibrations making her feel bad. Anyway, recently Nora has taken to banging on the pipes loud enough that it carries over to our neighbours, and normally that wouldn’t be a problem but they’ve just recently adopted this animal, that I’m sure is part werewolf, and as a result of the banging it starts to howl. When we asked Nora why she was banging on the pipes, Nora refused to answer.

Ghosts are not the best at expressing their feelings in a productive manner.

We’ve also got this new ghost that just kind of freaks me out. I don’t know whether it is a child or if it is a really small adult that has been compressed, but when you catch a glimpse of its face you realise that it has no eyes. And if that isn’t enough to give you the shivers then it extracurricular activity of just walking through you when you’re distracted will – literally. As far as ghosts go he’s not the scariest but the lack of eyes and no concern for personal space is enough to make him my least favourite of the ghosts that live here.

Both Nana and I have told him that it’s rude to walk through people when they don’t know that he’s there or if they are distracted but we don’t think the message got through to him because he didn’t give any indication that he heard us and five minutes later he walked through Nana as she was making one of her famous flourless chocolate cakes.

Nana has invited Ben and his Dad to come and have dinner with us, promising that the ghosts will be on their best behaviour. When she said this, Ben’s Dad just laughed and said that he would bring a treat for them if they managed to fulfil that promise. I don’t think that he understands that ghosts have no need to worldly possessions. Sure they hang out in places where they die, but usually that is because they have some kind of unfinished business, like trying to get a message across. In the case of the eyeless child, well, I don’t know what exactly he would want because all he seems to do is stare eyelessly at people and wait until their guard is down before walking through them, which even Nora agrees is rude.

I’ve got to go now. Nora has started her banging and the howling is going to start very soon, so I’m not going to be able to continue for much longer. Thanks for stopping by.

– Eric