How can I get in contact with you?
All information on how to get in contact with me can be found here.

When do you post?
Every Monday, with a one or two extras during the week.

Are the characters real?
No. Everything on here is fictional, unless otherwise stated.

How do you pronounce “Nariah”?
Nariah is pronounce Nah – ee- ah.

Where exactly is Nariah?
Nariah is a fictional town. You can’t find it on a map and the origins of where it came from can be found in the question below. If I was going to put it somewhere it would be between West Wyalong, NSW and Weethalle NSW, but down a little towards Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Where did the name of the town “Nariah” come from?
Growing up I lived next to a mountain called Nariah Mountain. When Mum and I asked my Grandfather why there was a road and a mountain named Nariah, he told us that originally there had been plans for a town that was going to be called Nariah, only it never got built (probably because of gold discovered 50kms away and various other problems). Since then the name and idea has kind of hung around in my mind and haunted me until I could come up with a way to use it.


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