Project: Nariah is a fictional story following Ben James, Eric Samson, Grace Ramsey and Juliette Nichols, and their lives in the mysterious paranormal/sci-fi filled rural town of Nariah, in Central West New South Wales, Australia.

Follow the teens as they get used to a new town (Ben), start to become adults, begin to look at life after High School and deal with the strange happening that happen in the rural town.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story. All characters and people are fictional and any similarities between them and real people is not intended. 

To find out more about the Characters check out the Cast of Characters.

To find out more about the world of Project: Nariah check out the World page.

Want to ask a question or have a business/media related query? Have a look at the contact page.

Feeling chatty? You can follow Project: Nariah on Twitter or on Facebook.


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