And We’re Back

Hey everyone,

We kind of owe you an apology, we have been really MIA lately and that sucks because we made a deal to update you all on what is happening in Nariah and we haven’t upheld our end of the deal. So we’re really sorry about that.

Between interference with the local WiFi and the Bike Track getting so excited that it literally threw someone off their bike from it’s vibrating, plus the lack of sleep that I have been getting due to Nora, well we’re actually surprised that we have been able to do anything at all.

It’s not like we haven’t been writing either, it’s just that we haven’t been able to upload anything. But we will be able to explain everything over the next couple of weeks while we try to catch you all up.

Nothing really is ever simple here in Nariah, I can definitely attest to that. So why should trying to upload a couple of posts a week to a blog be any different.

Anyway, things are finally getting back on track, we’re getting back to our normal schedule this week, and we’ll be adding a few surprise posts over the next couple of weeks to try and update you all on what has been happening here during our unintended Hiatus.

– Eric (with Ben, Juliette and Grace watching over his shoulder).

Edit: Just so it’s clear, we were only doing this so Eric didn’t blame everything on us! – Grace


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