Welcome to Nariah: Part III

When you get lost in Nariah it is always best if you stop the moment that you realise that you are lost, otherwise you’ll get even more lost and the State Emergency Service will be unable to find you. I learnt this the hard way when I was younger and going off to ride my bike at the Bike trial when we first moved here, but I think that it applies to things like blogs as well because I think that we can all agree that I would have been the better person to write the first blog post. Juliette gave it a good go, and I commend her for her efforts, but it could have been better.

I want to take a moment to talk about a couple of things that she mentioned in her post.

  1. Yes I was upset that I didn’t get the first post – but I’m sure that somehow the whole straw drawing thing was rigged so that Juliette could win. I don’t know how, but I’m sure that Ben might have done something to make it so she would win because she has been really nice to him. Like, really nice.
  2. If anyone was going to join this project because they liked Ben, it would be Juliette, why would she be so nice to him otherwise?

Now that that’s been dealt with we can move on.

Before Ben came, my family was probably the last family to move here to Nariah and that was when I was five. I don’t remember much before then. I actually don’t remember much before getting lost of the way to the Bike trail, but Doctor Monroe told Mum and Dad that that is perfectly normal when a child is traumatised. I don’t understand now how getting lost could have been so traumatic, but then again Doctor Monroe is a Doctor and knows more about these things then I do – but hopefully I will know more one day. Especially when I start University to become a doctor.

Not everyone believes me when I say that I want to become a Doctor and I can’t understand why. I’m not sure if it has something to do with how I act or if I just don’t show my interest in medicine outside of my bedroom, but I honestly do want to become a Doctor. Ever since I first saw Grey’s Anatomy.

I know it’s not the most accurate of medical shows, with all the drama and everything and I should watch RPA or something like that to get a better understanding of what life as a Doctor would be like, but… but… it’s so addicting. I mean the whole story line between McDreamy, McSteamy, Addison and Meridith had me waiting to see what was going to happen next. And I know that will never happen, at least not until I’m fully qualified, but it has sparked my interest and that is what I want to be.

Dad just asked me if I was having trouble getting onto the internet. I’m not; I don’t think I’ve ever had problems connecting to the Wi-Fi. It’s not as good as what is at Ben’s house, but I can’t complain. Apparently he’s having some issues trying to find out Nariah’s weather for the next week because he wants to renovate the back garden and he can’t do that if it’s going to rain all week. I didn’t know what he was talking about because as far as I know whenever you search for Nariah’s weather in Google it never shows up. Dad should know this. I think he’s getting forgetful as he gets older. Anyway, our best bet to figure out what our weather is going to be like is to look at Griffith’s weather and then assume the opposite, because when it’s sunny there, it’s usually rains here.

Oh! I just got a text from Elisha, one of my best friends, to go and hang out at the Casablanca Café, so I’ve got to get going.

Oh and Eric, your neighbours with their animal that looks like it is part werewolf aren’t the only ones that can hear Nora banging on the pipes. Some nights, like when it’s going to rain, the sound carries across town. Luckily everyone knows that it’s just Nora and not something else, but the sooner you can get to the bottom of Nora’s sudden change in behaviour the happier the whole town will be, I think.

– Grace


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